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Here you will find our different saddle models with their features. Not every saddle is appropriate for every horse and rider. The saddle must therefore always be fitted and the rider must ride with it for an optimal result. Our models include specific models that can be composed according to the situation of the horse and rider. Our employee will inform you of the possibilities during the measuring.

To guarantee our quality, we do not sell saddles before testing them on horses by a professional rider.

All our saddles are unique! This is because of the numerous possibilities we can offer. During the measuring of the saddle, the following parts will be discussed:

  • Different type of kneerolls
  • Length of the flap
  • Deep seat, flat seat and/or extra soft seat
  • Five different panels
  • Long billets or short billets
  • Round or square cantel
  • Weltline in different colours
  • Different kinds of leather: Smooth leather, Schneider-, Schrumpf-, Calf-, Buffalo- and Makela leather
  • Different coloured leather: Black, Brown, D. Havanna and London

The following applies to all saddles: The resulting saddle depends on the rider’s wishes and needs of the horse and rider