Delivery conditions
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Saddles will be measured at the stable of the customer or at Hulsebos saddles in Emst. An amount of €100,- will be charged as a down payment. This down payment will be deduced from the total price of the saddle. The call out charge amounts €40,-. These costs are cancelled if a saddle is purchased.

Delivery period

The delivery period of a Hulsebos saddle is 8 to 12 weeks (excluding holiday periods).

Exceptions can be made in case of a less universal fit, which requires major adjustments on several areas.  


The saddle will be delivered at the client’s home or stable after making an appointment.

Payment of the agreed amount can be done through bank payment before the delivery date or in cash at the moment of delivery. This amount will consist of the total amount minus the down payment of €100,- and possible deposit of €400,- in case of use of a borrowed saddle. In case of exchange of another saddle, the value of this saddle is deduced from the purchase price. The offer of a borrowed saddle is regarded a service and cannot be guaranteed. It may also be possible that the borrowed saddle is not a Hulsebos saddle.

On the moment of delivery, we will check whether the saddle fits your horse, also when riding with it, after which the fit will be checked once again and, if necessary, adjusted.

Shipping costs Europe

The shipping costs of a saddle are charged to the customer.