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Would you like to have a matching girth to complement your saddle? This is possible, besides saddles and bridles we also manufacture girths!

A Hulsebos girth always contains elastic material. All horses can expand, which produces higher pressure on the billets and the tree of the saddle.

An elastic girth somewhat intercepts this pressure and is also more comfortable for the horse.  

A Hulsebos girth can be manufactured from standard smooth or buffalo leather. Moreover you can consult our employees to determine the desired length and you can potentially choose a D-ring (for the use of support reins).

You can choose from different girths

  • Standard straight model; a durable leather girth that is custom made in a colour combination matching with your saddle and/or bridle.
  • USA model; this model is designed to ensure the saddle staying in the right place on the horse’s back. The girth is anatomically shaped, through which the saddle stays in the right place and prevents scraping spots at the elbows of your horse.
  • German model; a narrow girth that is especially suitable for horses by which the girth lies close to the front leg. Also ideal for ponies.
  • Jumping flap: for horses that touch their belly during jumping. Available in several sizes.