The measuring
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After you have made an appointment, one of our employees will visit your stables with a number of saddles, to enable you to try different models. During the measuring, first we will look at your horse; the type, conformation and the gaits of the horse will be taken into account. Does your horse have a sensitive back, high withers or flat withers and wide shoulders? Is the horse young or a little bit older? This will also be taken into account in order to determine which panel is the right panel for your horse. Then the rider’s wishes will be looked at. The rider will be advised on the model and options best suited to horse and rider.

The rider has different options to choose from:

Different types of saddles

  • Whole / half, broad / small, flat or no knee rolls
  • A deep, flat and/or soft seat
  • Different kinds of leather
  • Different colours of leather
  • A round or square cantle (depending on the model)

During the measuring a number of factors is taken in consideration: stability, movement of the saddle, gaits, movement of the croup, shoulder pressure, movement of the forehand and horses overall reaction/response.

Also possible medical problems of rider or horse, for example unstable pelvis, sensitive skin, tailbone problems etc., will be taken into account. Furthermore the type of saddle used in the past and possible problems originating from it will be looked at.

When you decide to have Hulsebos make a saddle for you, we will ask a € 200,- down payment. If you decide not to order a Hulsebos saddle, we will only charge you the call out fee of € 45,- (this is for the Netherlands, for other countries we charge different fees).