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Warranty  saddle tree

The warranty on trees of a dressage-, jumping-, general purpose-, endurance- and iceland saddles is for three years.

Warranty fit

A horses’ back can change, because of its training, the physical condition (for example in case of the horse being with young), age of the horse and season influences (summer/winter).

Due to these influences, Hulsebos saddlery cannot offer any guarantees with regard to the fitting of the saddle. Possible imbalance can be checked easily by riding with a saddle of the same type.

Hulsebos saddlery advises to use a stool (approximately 60 cm high) when getting on the horse, to avoid a skew saddle. By doing so, you also avoid unwanted pressure on the right side of the horse on the withers and its flank.

The saddle will be checked and delivered perfectly fitting on the horse. We cannot guarantee a lasting fit. We advise to have the saddle fitted once a year.

The filling costs amount €40,- the first time. The following times a €40,- call out fee will be charged on top of the €40,- filling costs. In some cases it may be necessary to refit the saddle for the first time on short term.

Warranty leather

As you will understand, the lifespan of a saddle will stand or fall with proper maintenance. We therefore advise you to frequently maintain the saddle, at least twice per week.

The warranty on standard, schrumpf-, schneider- and buffalo leather is one year. The warranty on calf leather is half a year.  On wear of stitching or billets there is a one year warranty.

Leather is a natural product and could contain natural features, such as a grain. We cannot offer any warranty for fading colours of the leather or other spots that originate during the use of the saddle. Dirt or sand on riding boots can damage the leather. If you attach the stirrup leathers under the flap, the flap can move forwards, on which we cannot offer warranty.

Certain parts of the saddle, such as the seat and panel, are placed under tension. Stretching differences can arise in these parts. We cannot offer a warranty on these parts.


With delivery of a new saddle, the customer receives a pot of leather conditioner. We advise to treat a new saddle, bridle and/or girth frequently; the first couple of weeks 4/5 times per week and regularly afterwards. In case the leather is dry, you must apply the conditioner in a thick layer, let it absorb for half an hour, and then polish it using a dry and clean cloth. We do not offer warranty on wear and tear (such as dryness), which arises because of overdue maintenance.

By maintaining the saddle properly, you and your horse can enjoy your Hulsebos saddle for many years.


Repairs that fall within the warranty conditions are free, given that the saddle will be delivered in Emst. If you want your saddle to be picked up, delivered back to you or if possible having your saddle repaired on site, we will charge the call out charge.